About Us

In today's market where variety is lacking, Infused spreads is working constantly and consistently in our commitment to bring you the best multi-flavored spreads and specialties preserves.

As a small business found in Baltimore, Maryland area, infused Spreads takes pride in creating excellent food products that you, your family and friends will enjoy time and time again.

From mixing the very first batch over a small stove top to eventually moving to a small commercial kitchen located in Curtis-Bay, Maryland. Two local chefs’, Emem and Eli, in the spring of 2009 decided to brain storm and combine their knowledge of spices and skills in the culinary arts.

Five years later, the two chef's vision of Infused Spreads has produced over 15,000 jars of natural spreads and preserves with over fifty plus combinations. 20plus flavors in stock at any given time, Infused Spreads is still proving that any food idea should always be created with great thought and a careful attention to detail.